Selected Papers on Computational Complexity and Foundations of Cryptography

"Towards a Theory of Data Entanglement," Theoretical Computer Science 389 (2007), pp. 26-43. (Extended Abstract appeared in Proc. of ESORICS'04.)
(by James Aspnes, Joan Feigenbaum, Aleksandr Yampolskiy, and Sheng Zhong).

"Games, Complexity Classes, and Approximation Algorithms," in Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, volume III: Invited Lectures, Documenta Mathematica, Journal der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung, 1998, pp. 429-439.
(by Joan Feigenbaum), F-ICM.pdf

"A Formal Treatment of Remotely Keyed Encryption," in Advances in Cryptology -- Eurocrypt '98, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1403, Springer, Berlin, 1998, pp. 251-265.
(by Matt Blaze, Joan Feigenbaum, and Moni Naor), BFN.pdf

"Random Debaters and the Hardness of Approximating Stochastic Functions," SIAM Journal on Computing 26 (1997), pp. 369-400. (Extended Abstract appeared in Proc. of IEEE Structures'94.)
(by Anne Condon, Joan Feigenbaum, Carsten Lund, and Peter Shor), CFLS.pdf

"Locally Random Reductions: Improvements and Applications," Journal of Cryptology 10 (1997), pp. 17-36. (Extended Abstract appeared in Proc. of Crypto'90.)
(by Don Beaver, Joan Feigenbaum, Joe Kilian, and Phil Rogaway), BFKR.pdf

"Random-Self-Reducibility of Complete Sets," SIAM Journal on Computing 22 (1993), pp. 994-1005. (Extended Abstract appeared in Proc. of IEEE Structures'91.)
(by Joan Feigenbaum, and Lance Fortnow), FF.pdf

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