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Before sending me an email, please check whether your inquiry may be addressed by one of the topics below.

Scheduling Appointments

Each semester, I have general office hours during which there is no need to schedule an appointment if you can drop by during these hours. My office is AKW AKW 308A.

Senior Projects

Each semester I can take at most 2 to 3 students for senior projects. As part of a senior project, the student should make a presentation to the ants reading group. Please talk to me before a semester starts.

Admissions: Graduate Program

The first step is to get admitted to the program. After you are accepted, please feel free to contact me regarding research opportunities. Admission decisions are made by a faculty committee, and I have limited influence. All the information you need on applying for admission to CS graduate programs is available on the Web. If your research interests include networks and systems, please indicate so clearly in your application.

I am particularly interested in PhD students with interest in networks but with strong background/interests in algorithms, distributed computing, game theory, operating systems, optimization, network security, or stochastic processes. To give you more concrete examples, below I list some basic topics/books from each of the above fields. If you feel comfortable with one field or two fields below, please feel free to contact with me, and I will try my best to get you admitted to our PhD program. If you do not have background in the fields yet but have a strong mathematical background (e.g., medals in mathematical competition, training camps in mathematical Olympiad, or a CS major but have taken real and functional analysis), please feel free to contact with me and I will be very interested in talking to you.

Research Assistantships

For MS students, at this time I do not have any research assistantships available. If you are a PhD student, my grants allow me to support a couple more students. Please talk to me early about research opportunities.

Visiting Researchers and Postdocs

Unfortunately, I do not support visitors at this moment, unless there is a reasonable match between our research interests.

Recommendation Letters and References

I'm happy to provide recommendation letters and/or serve as a reference for students who have taken a class from me, and for my undergraduate, MS, and Ph.D. advisees. To write a thorough letter I need the following:

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