Accelerating the Internet


LAboratory of Networked Systems (LANS)
Department of Computer Science
Yale University

PhD, Yale University, 2007   
M.Phil., Yale University, 2006
M.S., Yale University, 2005
M.E., Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2000
B.S., Univeristy of Science and Technology of China, 1997


Email: yong AT cs DOT yale DOT edu
Office: 51 Prospect St., New Haven, CT. (Map)
Phone: (203)432-6493
FAX:     (203)432-0593

Research Interests

My area of research is networking with an emphasis on routing and rate control for overlay and P2P networks, and interdomain routing and traffic engineering. I am interested in understanding the current Internet infrastructure, designing and analyzing efficient and robust infrastructure for the current and future networks.


Here is a partial collection of projects:

  1. P4P
  2. P2P Rate Control
  3. COPE: Robust Intradomain Traffic Engineering
  4. BGP Routing Stability for Interdomain Traffic Engineering
  5. Adaptive Routing: Network-optimal vs. User-optimal
  6. Emergent Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems