Zhong Shao

Zhong Shao

Professor of Computer Science, Yale University

Welcome to my home page! I am interested in doing research on programming languages, formal methods, operating systems, and computer security. I am an advocate of certified software. I believe that certified programming with mechanized proofs is the most promising approach toward building truly dependable software and taking control of the rapidly growing complexity in future computer systems.

I lead the FLINT group at Yale. Together with my OS colleagues, we are interested in building novel certified system software. Our work spans many fields, ranging from programming language design, compiler development, formal semantics and logics, proof engineering and automation, realistic OS kernel hacking, to solving difficult problems related to all aspects of concurrency and distributed computing.

I am looking for new postdocs and phd students.   Feel free to contact me if you have interests in or around my research areas, are creative and highly motivated, and have strong technical skills.

In the past I worked with researchers at Princeton and U. Chicago on the SML/NJ, FLINT, and PCC projects.

I am serving as DUS (for Computer Science) and also teaching CS422 Design and Implementation of Operating Systems in Fall 2015. In the past I taught CS112 Introduction to Programming, CS421 Compilers and Interpreters, CS428 Language-Based Security, CS430 Formal Semantics, and CS210 A Second Course in Programming. I also attend the systems seminars on APLAR and SPAM.