Atlantis: A Best Practices Based Storage Disaster Recovery Planner

Rohit Jain, Tushar Mohan, Roberto Pineiro, Ramani Routray, Gauri Shah, Aameek Singh, Akshat Verma, Kaladhar Voruganti

High Availability 'Best Practices' Topical Conference IV, October 2005.


The field of disaster recovery (DR) has gained a lot of prominence after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Businesses want redundancy in people, processes and information technology (IT) infrastructure in order to address machine failures, site failures, virus attacks, city-wide shutdowns etc. Thus, a comprehensive disaster recovery solution needs to address all of the above-mentioned issues. In order to address disaster recovery at the IT level, one has to provide redundancy at a combination of application, server, network, and storage level. Furthermore, redundancy at the storage level can be provided at a combination of database, file-system or block storage levels. The focus of this paper is on providing automated disaster recovery planning at the storage level. The goal of the planner is to combine the diverse storage DR planning technologies and best practices into an integrated framework. The objective of this automated tool is to aid human designers and not to replace them.

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