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I no longer work at the Yale Computer Science Department. I have moved to the School of Computer Science and IT at The University of Nottingham. My new home page can be found here. My new coordinates are given below.

My research interests include functional programming, functional programming environments, and design, semantics, and implementation of programming languages in general. I got my PhD from Linköpings universitet, where I worked at PELAB (the Programming Environments Laboratory), IDA, on debugging tools for lazy functional languages. The aim was to provide a declarative, source-level view of lazy computations, while making sure that the space and time costs of the techniques are acceptable. After getting my PhD, I was a posdoc within the OASIS project at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, where I was involved in research concerning a programming environment for Java Cards based on formal semantics. I was also involved in the design of Modelica, an object-oriented, declarative language for non-causal modeling and simulation of continuous systems with discrete features. I am currently at the CS Department, Yale University, where I am working with Paul Hudak and John Peterson in the Yale Haskell Group on declarative, domain-specific languages for applications such as robotics and vision. This is all done within the unifying framework of Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). I have in particular been working on Yampa, our latest FRP implementation, and associated software such as the Yampa robot simulator.


My publications, including my PhD thesis, can be found here.


A very alpha release of the Freja compiler and debugger can be found here. (Currently binaries only for SPARC/Solaris. Sources available on request.)

Yampa and related software can be downloaded via the Yampa page.

Contact information


School of Computer Science and IT
University of Nottingham
Jubilee Campus
Wollaton Road
Nottingham NG8 1BB


+44 (0)115 846 6506


+44 (0)115 951 4254


nhn@cs.nott.ac.uk, henrik@acm.org


Room B47
School of Computer Science and IT
Jubilee Campus
Wollaton Road

A map over the Jubilee Campus can be found here (CS&IT is in building 4, grid reference C6), and directions for getting to the campus can be found here.

Last updated 19 November 2003.