Selected Position Papers

"Towards an Infrastucture for Authorization," 1998 USENIX E-Commerce Conference -- Invited Talks Supplement, pp. 15-19. [.ps], [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum)

"Towards Realistic Assumptions, Models, and Goals for Security Research," NSF Workshop on Security, Berkeley CA, February 2002. [.doc], [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum)

"Agents' Privacy in Distributed Algorithmic Mechanisms," Workshop on Economics and Information Security, Berkeley CA, May 2002. [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum, Noam Nisan, Vijay Ramachandran, Rahul Sami, and Scott Shenker)

"Economic Barriers to the Deployment of Existing Privacy Technology," Workshop on Economics and Information Security, Berkeley CA, May 2002. [.ps] [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum, Michael Freedman, Tomas Sander, and Adam Shostack)

"Towards Better Definitions and Measures of Internet Security," Workshop on Large-Scale-Network Security and Deployment Obstacles, Landsdowne VA, March 2003. [.ps] [.pdf]
(by James Aspnes, Joan Feigenbaum, Michael Mitzenmacher, and David Parkes)

"Towards an Economic Analysis of Trusted Systems," Workshop on Economics and Information Security, Minneapolis MN, May 2004. [.pdf]
(by Dirk Bergemann, Joan Feigenbaum, Scott Shenker, and Jonathan Smith)

Untitled White Paper on "Malevolence in the Cyberinfrastructure," NSF Workshop on Cyberinfrastructure for the Social Sciences, Airlie Center, Warrenton VA, March 2005. [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum)

"Towards Better Support for Copyright Compliance and for Privacy," British Computer Society Workshop on Web Science, London UK, September 2005. [.doc], [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum)

"Report on the 2006 PORTIA/TAMI Workshop on Privacy and Accountability," Workshop on Privacy and Accountability, Cambridge MA, June 2006. [.html]
(edited by Joan Feigenbaum and Daniel J. Weitzner)

"Towards a Theory of Networked Computation," research agenda synthesized from NSF-sponsored workshops and meetings of the GENI and NetSE science councils, July 2009. [.pdf]
(by Joan Feigenbaum and Michael Mitzenmacher )

An Open Letter from US Researchers in Cryptography and Information Security about the surviellance morass, January 24, 2014.

"Lead out of YBB+," Yale Daily News, January 29, 2014.
(by Joan Feigenbaum and Bryan Ford)

"Is Data Hoarding Necessary for Lawful Surveillance?," The Huffington Post, April 19, 2014.
(by Joan Feigenbaum and Bryan Ford)

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