An Automatic Translator Between PDDL and DAML

Drew V. McDermott, Yale University (drew.mcdermott@yale.edu)
Dejing Dou, University of Oregon (dou@cs.uoregon.edu)
Peishen Qi, Yale University (peishen.qi@yale.edu)

PDDL(Planning Domain Definition Language) is the language developed by the AIPS-98 Competition Committee for use in defining problem domains. PDDL is basically a first-order logic language with lisp-lex syntax.

We have built up an automatic translator between PDDL and RDF/DAML.

Our translator was developed mainly basing on the PDDL manual and RDF syntax. We also added some features from DAML+OIL, PDDL ontology and DRS ontology. The RDF structure is based on Jena. Some classes and source code of Jena have been used but we change its model and writer as:

Online Service:

We provide an online service for the translation from a generic DAML file to a corresponding PDDL one.